Watercolor Ombre Mint To Be Tic Tac Labels

Watercolor Ombre Mint To Be Tic Tac Favor Labels – features a printed ombre watercolor background.


Watercolor Ombre Mint To Be Tic Tac Favor Labels – The front will show the couple’s names & wedding date, and the back side has the message “Thank you for celebrating with us!” as well as the wedding hashtag (if desired). Choose from soft pink, mint green, teal, purple, and grey printed watercolor backgrounds. These labels are digitally printed on matte white adhesive label stock specifically sized to fit 1 oz Tic Tac containers. Each label is 3.75″ x 1.4375″. (TIC TACS NOT INCLUDED!)

A fresh new way to give your guests something to take away from your bridal shower or wedding day. It’s also a great way to add a personalized hashtag so your guests know to link back any photographs from your big day. We offer customization, contact us for more information.

HOW TO ORDER: Call our shop 724-824-7504 and speak to a team member or visit our Etsy Shop TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE.

PRICING – Our Mint to be labels are printed 12 on a sheet and are sold in increments of 12.

12 Labels $35.88 USD

24 Labels $38.62 USD

36 Labels $41.36 USD

48 Labels $44.10 USD

60 Labels $46.85 USD

72 Labels $49.59 USD

84 Labels $52.33 USD

96 Labels $55.07 USD

108 Labels $57.82 USD

120 Labels $60.56 USD

132 Labels $63.30 USD

144 Labels $66.05 USD

156 Labels $68.79 USD

168 Labels $71.53 USD

180 Labels $74.27 USD

192 Labels $77.02 USD

204 Labels $84.93 USD


Larger quantities, please ask for a quote!

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