Carlson Craft’s Excellence Award

dot & bow paperie is thrilled to receive Carlson Craft’s Excellence Award 2017!!!

Every year the nation’s leading wholesale invitation printing company Carlson Craft, presents a few select businesses with this respected award for incredible performance and exceptional sales achievements.  A huge thank you to all of our Brides who have made this honor possible!

*We offer one of the largest selections from Carlson Craft including affordable to high end to licensed Disney Products. We will personally help in the process of creating your very own unique invitation.

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Jaclyn Skurko & Adam Trozzo

Their Beginning

It was the day after Valentine’s Day in 2013, and Jaclyn was out with a guy friend at the Bamboo Bar in Cranberry Township. She wasn’t supposed to be there that night, but as fate would have it – she was. Her friend ran into one of his friends who just so happened to be there with Jaclyn’s future husband, Adam. There was instant chemistry…well almost instant chemistry – Adam initially thought that Jaclyn was dating the guy she was out with that evening. However, as soon as he learned she was single, Adam knew he had to get to know this girl.

Their first date consisted of the classic dinner and a movie date combo. The night began at The Sports Grille and ended with a healthy dose of Bruce Willis in the newest rendition of Die Hard. The most memorable and humorous part of the night was when she leaned in for a hug, as he leaned in for a kiss… Jaclyn’s face lights up when she tells this part of their love story, a potentially awkward moment that has turned into one of her favorite memories. (Adam succeeded in landing that first kiss)!


The Proposal


Almost three years later in November of 2015, Jaclyn’s parents asked to make dinner plans with the happy couple at The Pines Tavern in Gibsonia. She was under the impression that they would meet at her parents’ house to drive together. They were running late and she was urging Adam to hurry up as she ran up the porch steps in front of him. Little did she know that he was going to propose on those very steps a few moments later…

As he finally caught up to her, he stopped her from going inside and began his speech… He hoped that she had “walked up these steps all these years as a Skurko, and will now walk down the same steps as a Trozzo.” He got down on one knee and revealed a custom-designed round brilliant cut halo engagement ring with a pavé band.

After proposing, Adam revealed that Jaclyn’s family, as well as his, were already waiting for them at the restaurant to celebrate. The entire night had been set up and planned, leaving Jaclyn completely clueless.

The Big Day


Like most brides, Jaclyn had dreamed of her wedding day since she was a little girl. As her mom and dad wished for the right man to come into her life one day, Jaclyn was happily growing up as a daddy’s girl. She fondly remembers her dad always picking her up and flying her around the house like an airplane, until the day she was too big for him to hold in such a way. Without hesitation, Jaclyn would say to her dad, “Carry me like a bride, Dad! Carry me like a bride!” With tears in his eyes, pride in his voice and love in his heart, he shared this story in his speech at the reception. Her parents could not have been happier that their little girl found Adam, a man full of integrity and compassion, much like her father.

Jaclyn opted for a breathtaking classic and elegant themed wedding that left guests in awe of the atmosphere. The ceremony was held at Saint Ferdinand Church on August 6, 2016, and she walked down the aisle in a Casablanca ballgown from Exquisite Bride. Jaclyn fondly remembers Adam’s face revealing a tiny smirk as she neared the altar. He also recalls the smirk and thinking about how stunning she looked that day and how beautiful he finds her every day.

One hundred and seventy guests celebrated Jaclyn and Adam’s union at the gorgeous LeMont in Pittsburgh. The bridesmaids wore floor-length taupe dresses with a sweetheart/illusion cut neckline with elegant necklaces attached. The groomsmen looked beyond sharp in their classic black tuxes and bow ties, as guests wore their formal best to fit the ambiance surrounding them.


Aside from marrying the love of her life and creating a dream wedding, Jaclyn holds one special moment near and dear to her heart. She shared a surprise slow dance with her grandfather. Jaclyn is his only granddaughter and he had been her only surviving grandfather growing up. The dance included a tribute to her surviving grandmother, as well as all the grandparents between her and Adam who had passed. There was not a dry eye in the room as these two danced to Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind.


After the big day was complete, the newlyweds escaped to the breathtaking Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico to honeymoon.

Additional Details

Ceremony: St. Ferdinand Church

Reception/Caterer: LeMont

Dress: Exquisite Bride

Engagement Ring: King’s Jewelry

Florist: Macri Floral

Photographer: Studio Bash

DJ: Steve Maffei Entertainment Company

Hairstylists/Makeup Artists: Salon Vivace

Invitations, Wedding Programs, and Seating Chart: dot & bow paperie

Why consult dot & bow paperie

jaclyn invites

“Erin and Chris are EXTREMELY accommodating, timely, and truly gifted at what they do. You are able to consult with them in person, in their boutique, and see their work in person. I loved planning my sessions with them, because it made what are often the grueling details really fun. They were able to replicate exactly what I wanted and showed them. Erin, the designer, is incredibly focused on capturing the bride’s vision and does not stop until she gets there. It’s a fantastic company to consult, because the people behind it are caring, attentive, and genuinely want to see your dreams come alive.” -Jaclyn

jaclyn seat new

dot & bow paperie, a Carlson Craft vendor, provides custom:

  • Wedding Invitations
  • Save the Dates
  • Shower Invitations
  • Programs
  • Seating Charts
  • Table Numbers
  • Guestbook Alternatives
  • Place Cards
  • Favors
  • Other Reception Items
  • Thank You Cards
  • Envelope Seals & Address Labels
  • Signs & Banners
  • Miscellaneous Items
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5 Things to Know about sending Save the Dates

1. Save the Dates Are Optional

Some weddings don’t require sending save the dates prior to sending formal wedding invitations. If you are planning a small hometown wedding with little or no out of town guests, then eliminating save the dates is a wSave the dates are almost a requirement for some weddings, such as destination, holiday and summer weddings.ay for you to save time and money.

Save the dates are almost a requirement for some weddings, such as destination, holiday and summer weddings. Save the dates should be a priority for any wedding with a large number of guests who must make travel and accommodation arrangements. Your guests will appreciate the extra time a save the date gives them to finalize plans, schedule time off from work and avoid making other commitments.

If you happen to be on the fence about sending save the dates tell us your concerns and we will help you decide. After working with countless engaged couples we have seen and heard just about every situation.

2. First Things First

Lessen assumptions and confusion by being prepared and preparing your guests.

Finish your guest list before you start working on your save the dates. Having your guest list ready will make it easy to figure out how many save the dates you need to order and send.

It is also important to make it clear who will be invited to the wedding by addressing your save the dates the same way you would address your invitations. Specific word combinations help guests understand if they can or cannot bring a date or if they are unsure of an adult only affair. We would be happy to help you convey the right message with the correct wording… just let us know what you need help with.

3. The Right Timing

Save the Dates are generally sent 5 to 7 months prior to your wedding, however if you are having a destination wedding you may want to consider sending them 8 – 12 months in advance so that guests have time to make special arrangements.

Remember it is important to contact your Save the Date vendor in advance in order to leave enough time to design and create your save the dates.

If you’re having Save the Dates custom designed, dot & bow paperie recommends contacting your stationery vendor a minimum of 3-4 weeks before you’d like to mail your save the dates. If you’re ordering predesigned save the dates you should place your order a minimum of 2-3 weeks before your mailing deadline.


4. Include and Exclude

Include: Couple’s names, date, location – even if it is as general as a city, wedding website, and a note thaSave the Dates are the perfect opportunity for you to have fun and to set the tone for your wedding! t a formal invitation will follow.

Exclude: Parental Names, wedding registry information, and specific times or details.

Everyone’s wedding is different so some of these tips may not apply to you specifically. If you have questions or concerns, we will gladly help you figure out your specific needs.

5. Add a Personal Touch

Save the Dates are the perfect opportunity for you to have fun and to set the tone for your wedding!

Due to their informal nature you are able to really let your personality as a couple shine. Save the dates do not necessarily have to match your wedding, although they often do. A lot of couples include an engagement picture or a magnet message, but feel free to be yourself and try something new and different.

At dot & bow we have worked with so many creative couples and had the pleasure of helping them bring their concepts to life. If you have an idea please don’t be shy about it… we’ve created holiday save the dates, bookmark save the dates, and even Pop-Up save the dates and we’re always excited to hear the next great idea!

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4 Ways for YOU to prepare for your Bridal Shower Invitations

Embrace the chaos. Make it clear to your team what type of shower invitations you want.

Embrace the chaos. Make it clear to your team what type of shower invitations you want.

1. Who is Invited?

Your guest list should be finalized before you or your bridesmaids begin to plan shower invitations. Invitations are the perfect opportunity to help your bridesmaids/or mother plan your shower. You, the guest of honor, should be very hands on in planning the invitation list. Knowing who and how many will help your team plan, budget and save time.

2. Personalization

This is a big moment for you; be sure to make it clear to your team what type of shower invitations you want. Embrace the chaos, you have a lot of planning to do, try and laugh at it all and be sure to ask your team for help when and where you need it. If you want to add a specail touch to your invites include a charming note about you as a couple or a short poem.

3. Aim to Inspire

The invitation and other paper pieces should reflect the attitude and theme of the entire event. Take the design elements into careful consideration, and if you are unsure, ask your designer for help. Use the design elements to inspire decorations, cake designs, and favors. Showers have changed a lot over the last decade and the design of your shower invitation will set the tone for your event.

Shower invitation will set the tone for your event.

Shower invitation will set the tone for your event.

4. The 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where & Why

These are very important details to include within your invitations. All of these elements will help attendees decide what to wear, if they can/want to attend, and who is hosting the event. Contact information should always be included so that guests know exactly who to contact with questions. If you are worried about cluttering the card, consider putting extra information on the back.

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The Secrets to Unique Wedding Invitations

1. Set the Tone

2-sided pockets are a unique, affordable way to set the tone for your wedding day

Your invitations are the perfect opportunity to set the tone for your big day. Your theme or colors are a great place to start, after that all you need is Pinterest and possibly some help from a professional designer. Doing your research in the beginning is key, hiring a professional is not mandatory. There are many options when it comes to invitation sets; however, a professional can end up saving you a lot of time and heartache in the long run.

Some couples come to us with a blank canvas, unsure of what they want and that is absolutely fine. We help walk them through the process start to finish and answer all questions along the way.

Some couples come to us knowing exactly what they want and we are thrilled to work with them to bring their focused vision to life.

Whatever the case may be, we’re able to use our years of experience and expertise to guide couples and alleviate some of the stress that comes with planning a wedding.

2. Set the Budget

Knowing your budget is key when you are starting to plan your invitations. Invitation pricing can vary from free (sending an email) to $100+ per set. We find on average couples spend $2 – $10 per invitation set.

We recommend having a set budget for all of your wedding paper/stationary needs first and then breaking it down into categories: Save the Dates, Invitations, Ceremony, and Reception. This will help you prioritize every penny.

3. Play with Your Options

Now that you know how much money you are spending, specifically on your invitations, it will be so much easier to map out the specifics. Things you’ll need to consider: the design you’d like, the size, shape, and number of pieces you’d like to include in each invitation set.

At dot & bow we offer 3 categories of invitations to help get you started within your budget:

1. Totally Custom Design
2. Designs from the dot & bow original collection
3. Designs from Carlson Craft

4. Make it Legible

The entire point of a wedding invitation is to give your guests all the information they need in order to make it to the right place and time to celebrate with you, so it’s of the utmost importance to be clear about the details. Don’t let an overpowering design draw attention away from the important facts of the event such as date & time. Choosing a font needs to be taken into great consideration for guests of all ages (especially for older guests).

Remember, you don't need to send an invitation to every person on your guest list.

Remember, you don’t need to send an invitation to every person on your guest list.

5. Proper Timing

It is common for invitations to be sent out six to eight weeks prior to the wedding. For destination weddings, give your guests more time for travel preparations. We recommend sending them out at least 3 months in advance, and don’t forget your Save the Dates! We always recommend sending them out 6 to 8 months before the nuptials.

6. Quantity

It’s important to remember as you’re budgeting that you don’t need to send an invitation to every person on your guest list. Carefully look over your guest list and determine how many households will need to receive an invitation. Be cautious when you address them… you’ll want to be sure you are clear about who is invited to attend. Experience has taught us that adding a few extras to your quantity is a great idea for a few reasons… if you realize you’ve left a few people off the guest list at the last minute, in case you spill your coffee on one or just in case you want a few sets to have as keepsakes for yourself or your parents. Many of our couples have started including their invitation sets in their wedding day photos as well.

7. Save Time, Stress & Money

We promise this isn’t just a sales pitch: research shows that having a “paper/stationary” professional assisting you with all of your paper needs will help save you time, stress, and money. Using one shop to help you will not only give you a polished look from start to finish, but it often opens up the opportunity for discounts. At dot & bow paperie, we always offer special discounted pricing for couples who choose to work with us on several different printed pieces.

8. Mailing Hacks

Request Hand-Canceling… It is a neat little service that if available should be taken advantage of. Next time you’re at the local post-office ask them about hand-canceling your invitations. It is a special stamp that says your mail is processed and it will save your invitations or save the dates from being run through the machine which can damage the original look of your envelope. There is no guarantee it still won’t be processed at some point on its journey, but it is free when available and surely worth a shot.

Another trick is to number your RSVP cards so that they correspond with your address list. This is a great tip to help you stay organized… in case guests fail to write their names on the reply card, you’ll still know who ordered the chicken! If you write small on the back of your envelope your guest will hardly ever even notice it.

Celebrate love, and the future! That is enough of a reason to brace yourself for the ride.

Celebrate love, and the future! That is enough of a reason to brace yourself for the ride.

9. Ink Stamps & Labels

Some couples prefer to hand-write all of the names and addresses on their invitations, but it is OK to use labels or stamps. It will save you a lot of time in the long run and although it may not seem traditional each year it is becoming more and more common.

It is also a great idea to address your thank-you notes ahead of time so if you are ordering labels or a stamp you can be sure to factor this into the overall cost ahead of time.

10. ENJOY this Process

So often we see couples stressing over every little detail – remember to enjoy the process as much as possible. Take time to remember why you are doing all of this… you’re celebrating your love and the future and that is enough of a reason to brace yourself for the ride.

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