Problem-Solving During the Pandemic

With event postponements and cancellations, these are stressful and unprecedented times for engaged couples and wedding industry professionals.

But during trying times, it helps to know that we’re all in this together!

We’ve tried to approach each challenge thrown at us and our Wedding Stationery clients during coronavirus with patience, kindness, creativity & just a touch of zen.

Here are just a few of the ways we’ve helped clients deal with the most common Save the Date and Invitation issues that have arisen during Coronavirus…


Problem: You’ve sent Save the Dates already but your Wedding Date has changed.

SOLUTION: Send a “Move the Date” or a “Change the Date Card.” It can be heartfelt, funny, or a bit of both. It can be a simple, budget friendly black & white design or it can coordinate with your overall wedding invitation theme.

PRO TIP: We highly recommend creating a wedding website: include a link to your wedding website on your Change the Date card and advise your guests to check in for any updates.

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Problem: The Date & Time for a casual event like a Shower is up in the air.

SOLUTION: Allow us to create invitations that have all the details except for the date, time & “rsvp by” date so those details can be written in at the very last moment before mailing.

PRO TIP: During times like these, guests will be extra sympathetic and understanding if things aren’t “perfect” so do what makes the most sense for your special circumstances.


Wedding Invitation Concerns

Problem: Your Invitations have been printed (but not sent) and the wedding has been Postponed.

SOLUTION: We have been more than happy to work with customers to come up with creative ideas to salvage their printed invitations by adding a cleverly designed label, band or overlay with any updated dates or times

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You want to put guests minds at ease…

PROBLEM: At-risk guests may be hesitant to attend and you want to let them know you understand and are responsive to their concerns – or – The venue has a list of Safety Guidelines that must be conveyed to guests.

SOLUTION: Add a card to your invitation set that allows you to speak from the heart. Let guests know that you respect their decision to not attend, while also letting them know your venue is very safety conscious. Add a card to your invitation set that lets guests know all the particulars… this will allow your guests to show up prepared and might help put their minds at ease.


Problem: You’d like to send the Invitations but there’s still a chance the wedding might be Postponed

SOLUTION: Let guests know that in the event of a postponement or cancellation you will notify them.

Ask guests to provide contact information on their RSVP card so you can contact them in case of changes.

Ask guests to refer to your wedding website to keep tabs on any changes you might need to make.

Problem: The Date & Time for your Wedding is up in the air but you’d like to have the invitations ready to go when your details are finalized.

SOLUTION: Our best plan of attack is to work with clients to do the bulk of the design work now. Then once you set your firm date, we can hit the ground running. Then we can add firm dates and times to the layout when it’s time to print the invitations.

For clients who prefer to remain social distanced, we can chat via email, FaceTime, or phone. And we can send out sample packets to share samples and ideas with you. If you’d prefer a more intensive in-person consultation, we can set up a time to meet safely in our shop.

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